Friday, February 8, 2013

LetterMo: Days 6 and 7

One of my favorite styles of addressing an envelope:

It's hard to tell much about it from the blurred out addresses, I just realized, so here's mine in the same style:

Quick, easy, and interesting!


  1. Lovely, Randall! Mine arrived today. Reply going out tomorrow :)

  2. It would make a pretty stamp and labels. I tire of writing my addresses time after time, so I bought two new stamps.

  3. I bought a stamp with some hand-written calligraphy on it for the same purpose and same reason. It wasn't cheap but I love it. Now I just need to use it more (translation: I need to send more mail!!). I know that a lot of people carve their own stamps -- one of these rare days when I am feeling fearless, I will have to try that.