Friday, February 1, 2013

LetterMo: Day 1!

Here we go!  Today is Day 1 of LetterMo (Month of Letters).  Below is my feeble attempt at some decorations on an envelope.  Washi tape on the side -- I never used it before, so it's pretty interesting.  The only problem with it is that most of it in the stores is pretty feminine-looking.  Not that I expect to find any camo washi tape or anything like that, but surely there's some kind of market for guys that like to write letters.  OK, maybe that's stretching it just a little.  The rest of the decoration is some simple calligraphy done with a monoline pen.  Not bad, I think!  (And obviously I need some practice on using Photoshop to blur out addresses, but I can figure it out.)

And on the back, one of the Month of Letters participant "stickers" used as a simple seal.  I like this a lot.  I considered doing some stamping or other decoration on the back, but decided against it.

Have a happy Month of Letters!  And please feel free to write me!


  1. I always try to decorate the back also: stickers, decotape, stamps, ... For washi tape/ deco tape /... a little different I visited craftshops (in the smash/journaling area) or buy online in shops that also sell other writings supplies.

  2. Yes, I think my main problem is a serious deficit of supplies that I like to use. I will be working on correcting that... :-)

  3. I actually have a similar problem with washi tape, despite being female. I'm really not into excessive frills or florals and I prefer classic designs and colours that are more gender-neutral.

    Your calligraphy looks good; it matches very well with the tape and your return address label.

  4. Heather, I found some Tim Holtz tissue tape at Hobby Lobby today that was not feminine at all. It's part of the "distressed" look stuff that he does. And even though it's a little thinner than regular washi tape (because it is basically tissue paper with adhesive on the back), it worked the same way, and I really liked it. I'll post a picture soon. And I'm glad you liked the calligraphy -- it's just copperplate done with a monoline pen. Easy and fast!

  5. Yes, your handwriting is very nice.

  6. Thanks, JarieLyn! I enjoy calligraphy, and especially experimenting with different hands.