Saturday, February 2, 2013

LetterMo: Day 2

Here's my outgoing mail for day 2 of LetterMo.  I'm getting a little more adventuresome with the front of the envelope.  Back of the envelope?  Still a little boring.  I'm thinking of some possibilities, however.  Mainly involving stamps.  (If anyone has any creative suggestions, I'm all ears.)

And incoming from yesterday: a letter from Steve at RecordingThoughts, showing off his new Downton-Abbey sized envelopes.  I have to admit, the experience is just like you see on the show (assuming that you do watch this show, and if you don't, YOU MUST WATCH IT NOW!! You won't regret it -- it is so addictive and really, really good).

An unassuming-looking envelope, sent to Lord Grantham -- uh, I mean, me -- but wait!

 This small envelope releases a huge piece of stationery -- just like the ones delivered to Downton Abbey!


  1. Oh gosh I thought I was the only one making a fuss about the Downton Abbey mail! I actually bought a couple of tiny kraft envelopes, I wish I could find bigger packs of them :D

  2. I think lots and lots of people are enamored with the mail on Downton Abbey. The episode with the letters going between Bates and Anna (or NOT going, as it turned out) made my soul ache for their empty mailboxes.