Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tick Tock...

... time is fleeting.  Specifically, since I have not heard back from Pamela K (Oh Pamela, where are you!?!), I am going to put a deadline on redemption of my calligraphy giveaway prize. If you know Pamela, please alert her that time is running out!

If I don't hear from her by Monday, April 15, I will choose another winner from the list of commenters on the original post.

And maybe one day soon I'll post something else interesting for you to read!  Stranger things have been known to happen...


  1. I hope you can get a hold of her since she was the winner. Shame that it takes a while to hear from someone. hope she is ok I hope nothing bad has happened. I hope you are well. x

  2. The dear most likely did not think she had a chance of winning and has not gotten around to reading the blogs she subscribes to. Please give her a little more time. Or she could be out of town, sick, or having computer problems.

    She might really need a win to lift her spirits. You prize will do just that. :)