Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Let's Celebrate With a Giveaway!

My blog is coming up on 5,000 total hits.  Yes, I know that is a blip on the blogosphere.  And probably 4,993 of those hits will be me checking to see what the blog looks like.  :-)

But seriously, 5,000 hits is a personal milestone for me, because... it's a nice round number.  Yeah.  And it's way better than 500, which is where my blog hovered for quite some time.

So, what better way to celebrate this milestone, however infinitesimal, than with a giveaway?  But not just any giveaway.  A personalized giveaway.

If you have been reading the blog lately (and of course you have... where do you think those 5,000 hits came from?), you know that I have recently been highly enamored of calligraphy and envelopes and mail.  I made myself the following monogram, using a Zebra Comic G nib and Sumi Moon Palace ink on HP premium laser printer paper:

Then I scanned it at 1200 dpi and saved it as a JPEG.  Now I can use it as clip art, essentially, on my own personalized letterhead, or labels, or notecards -- anything my little brain can think up.  And this makes me happy.  I also cropped the H out and made this tonight:

This all got me to thinking: there are probably a few of you out there that might like the same thing.  With your own initials, of course, not mine.

So that's going to be the giveaway.  The winner will get the services of me and my pen to create a one-of-a-kind, personalized calligraphy piece (in copperplate, as shown above, or italic, or what I like to call my "funky copperplate" hand).  I will let you decide what it will be exactly.  Then I will scan it at high resolution and email the file to you for your own use as clip art on anything you wish.  It will be my gift to you!

And the rules are simple: leave a comment below, in the comments section, and you're entered.  This is not a high-traffic blog (ya think??!), so I'll leave the giveaway open for roughly 10 days or so, until the end of March.  Then on April 1, I and my friendly neighborhood random number generator will pick a winner.  I'll announce the winner here, and if the winning comment is associated with an email, that person will be hearing from me shortly thereafter.  If not, the winner will have to email me instead.  But we're going to keep this as simple as possible.

Good luck!


  1. ME< pick ME<

    Love it Randall..

  2. Awesome penmanship. Keeping my fingers crossed. :)

  3. Oh my goodness, how I would love to have one of your personalized creations. I'm rubbing my fingers across my lucky coin. :)

  4. Very elegant, Randall. Btw, Derrick sent me :D

  5. Awesome penmanship. I love it.
    The sending and receiving of letters, handmade cards and mail art brings me happiness, so id be over the moon!

  6. Hello Randall. I found your blog from Derek. So he needs brownie points -but I need you to pick me- :) -pretty please?- Seriously, your skills are amazing. Keep that ink nib wet! --your fan, Pamela

  7. I am getting married in June. I would love to use a custom monogram piece on my wedding program, favor tags and thank you notes. It would be just the consistent theme that we need to pull all of the pieces together. Thanks for the giveaway! Great blog.


  8. Bonjour Randall!
    I was always uncertain whether the initial of the first or last name should be used.Now you have answered my life-long quest for the truth.

  9. fingers and toes crossed :) i love your work!

  10. Don't pick Dodson, D.! Pick me! Me, me, me! Okay. Pick Dodson after me! Pick me! If you pick me I'll . . . I'll share with Dodson. I'll take half and let him have half, but only because I learned about your give-away from him. :) Everyone else is on their own. Now pick me! Please? And thank you. :)

    Good luck y'all. Randall, do you like cornbread? Or muscadine jelly? How about a cartoon? Is this considered graft? Well, forget the bribes. I mean the incentives. Just pick me. I mean Derrick. *sigh* Then pick me next time. :D