Saturday, December 8, 2012

Review: Bic Fountain Pen

Today I want to review something that is a juxtaposition of two items that normally don't go together: the Bic Fountain Pen.  I have had this particular pen for some time now.  You probably will have a hard time finding this in the United States, if it's available at all.  The wording on the packaging suggests that it is a product of the U.K./Europe, but never fear -- there always seem to be plenty of these for sale on eBay, so this pen is as close as your nearest mouse and keyboard (or these days -- touch screen, I suppose).

This is an especially compact fountain pen due to its simple but elegant telescoping nib unit.  However, the other Bic fountain pens I own are equally compact, so this is evidently a design decision on the part of Bic, and they carry it off marvelously.

The pen accepts international ink cartridges, and the nib is elongated and striking, with interesting holes along either side.  As far as I can tell, these holes are merely decorative.  This particular pen has a fine-to-medium nib, although you obviously don't get a choice with this ultra-low-end kind of pen.  Other models I own have nibs that are essentially fine, though, so there is obviously some variation here.  That's OK -- it just adds to the excitement of writing with the pen for the first time!  The body on this model has a slightly rubberized finish, which gives it a good feel in the hand.

One of the reasons I like this pen is that the design of the cap and nib has this vaguely retro "World of Tomorrow" feel, like something straight out of Tomorrowland at Disney World.

The only possible drawback with this pen is the telescoping mechanism, a feature that I have not seen on any other Bic fountain pen.  Even though it works flawlessly, it's one extra step between uncapping the pen and writing, so it does slow one up from time to time.  However, it must not slow me up too painfully, since I do return to writing with this pen regularly.

I highly recommend this pen; if you can find one by scouring the Internet, by all means buy it -- it's well worth its price!

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