Friday, December 21, 2012

Pilot Cavalier Marbled Fountain Pen For Trade

OK, this is really kind of a heartbreaking post for me to write.  I bought this Pilot Cavalier marbled fountain pen a while back on eBay.  It wasn't the cheapest pen I ever bought, but it was a good price for what I got.  I bought it for two reasons: 1) It's a Pilot, and I love pretty much any Pilot I have ever owned; and 2) the brown marbled design on the pen is absolutely stunning.  (My crappy pictures don't do it justice, but trust me, it is a beautiful pen.)

There's one fly in the ointment, however, and for me it's a pretty big fly.  Have you guessed what it might be yet, from the pictures?

Think, think think!

It's the nib.

Lord knows, I am no fountain pen expert (although I do have a blog and I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express at least once in my life), but everyone knows that the cardinal rule of fountain pens from Japan is: THE NIBS RUN SMALL.  So if you want a fine, you should order a medium.  What happens, do you think, when you get a fine?

You get a pen that lays down a line no thicker than a mosquito's eyelash.  And that's pretty darn thin.

Don't get me wrong, I love absolutely everything else about this pen.  And I love the appearance of the nib itself -- look at how streamlined and sleek it is.  It fits the overall style of the pen perfectly.

But it's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FINE -- and I don't mean fine in a good way.

Therefore, I am going to try something here.  I know I have about 3 readers (who knows, I may be flattering myself with even THAT number).  But I really want this pen to go to a good home, and I wouldn't mind getting another pen that would be more suitable for me and my writing style.

So how about a trade?  I would love to trade this pen (in perfect condition, inked only once, and it will be clean as a whistle when I send it out -- I think I still have the box as well) with someone who wants to get rid of a low-end Pilot that is comparable.  As long as I am throwing this out there to the Universe, might as well go for broke -- I would ABSOLUTELY love to trade it for one that is exactly the same, except with a medium nib.  But I am not that persnickety.

Respond in the comments please, and let's see what happens!

UPDATE: This pen has now been traded.

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  1. I love this pen and it's fine nib.
    Thanks for trading:)