Saturday, April 18, 2015

Lettering on painted paper

This is an experiment I did this afternoon. One of my favorite things to do is to paint papers that might otherwise be thrown into the landfill and then do creative things with them, such as lettering on them. This is a bulletin insert from church, necessary because our old hymnal did not have "Rock of Ages" in it. What a travesty, you may say -- although I actually don't like this hymn. It can get slow and mournful and is just not uplifting to me personally. (If this is YOUR favorite hymn, then you'll be happy to know our new hymnal does have it -- so the error was corrected!)

So -- I painted on this paper some while back with some ordinary acrylic paint, and then set it aside for some time.

It caught my eye today, and I wanted to letter something on it. The "music" was done with a black Flair pen, and the rest of it was done with a black Sharpie. I found it interesting that neither one of these pens played particularly nice with the paint. I wonder if there's some kind of chemical reaction? I know Sharpies contain alcohol-based ink. Not sure about Flairs, but I would suspect they have the same. Anyway, this is not great art -- I was just fooling around, after all -- but I thought it turned out kind of interesting, so here it is!

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  1. I like it. I like it because the blue against the white reminds me of the heavens. I do like sky. Looking at this makes It easy to imagine our songs of praise, love, and gratitude rising like incense before God.

    I say mat it, frame it, and hang it. It's lovely.