Saturday, May 25, 2013

Asemic Writing Postcard

TIL that asemic writing is what you call it when something looks all loopy and organized like handwriting, but it doesn't actually say anything.  From a Greek word meaning "signless."  It's related to a psychiatric disorder called asemia in which a person cannot understand or express any signs or symbols.  In the world of art, it's usually related to abstract calligraphy-style markings that the viewer can attach his or her own meaning to, as in this great postcard I got from a blog reader yesterday:

(By the way, in case you are not as incredibly hip as I am -- HA --  "TIL" is a piece of Internet slang that means "Today I learned..."  So now maybe you have learned TWO things today!!)

Here's the front of the postcard, where the sender used my recent envelope style to address the postcard:

In my book, this amounts to fan mail, and I LOVE IT.  Thanks so much, Andrea!  You really made my day!


  1. I did learn two things - and i Have some rubber stamps with asemic writing that I use for backgrounds on cards. I had no idea what TIL - I guess I am losing my hip-ness. The social kind, not the physical kind, unfortunately. I got plenty of hip-ness going on there :-)

    The postcard is too cool! I tried addressing an envelope using your style of widening the spaces between the cursive letters and made a holy mess out of it. I have been practicing, though, so maybe you'll get some fan mail from me one day - stranger things have happened.

    1. So funny, you are, Jackie! LOL!

  2. Thanks, Jackie! I think you are plenty hip, and in the best way possible. :-)

    I have been in a letter-writing slump lately. I put my letter-writing mojo somewhere and I forgot where it is. Maybe one of these days I will find it and you'll get a letter from me!

  3. Like Jackie, I also learned 2 things from your blog today, Randall. A day with fan mail, is a great day indeed! :)