Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On National Pencil Day

Greetings!  I have been thinking about this blog for quite some time, but it never seemed like the right time to start it.  Then I learned that today, March 30, is National Pencil Day.  What better day to start a blog with the title of “Writing By Hand”?

This blog will not be solely about pencils and pens and paper, or even writing by hand in general, but this will certainly be the major focus of it.  My obsessions and passions include pencils, but pens, paper, notebooks, and all things “writerly.”  I read other blogs similar to this one all the time (links to follow soon), and I enjoy them so much that I decided to try my hand at it.  I hope to post interesting and unusual items about writing instruments and paper, as well as reviews of new products that I may buy to try out (or be sent by manufacturers, hint hint!).

At the outset of a venture like this, I think it’s important to establish one’s credibility.  Let the following pictures do that for me:
 My humongous box of pencils.

 It's wide AND deep.

There. I think that's what is popularly known as "street cred."  And being that this is National Pencil Day, I might even have to use a few of these!

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